V.S.O.P. #123 CD DANNY D'IMPERIO and the UPSTATE BURNERS: LIVE AT THE RUM KEG LOUNGE 1979 7 22937 01232 0 $11.00


Danny D'Imperio - Drums & Leader;
Nick Brignola - Baritone & Alto (Doxy & Oleo) ;
Frank Moser - Alto Saxophone;
Rick Montalbano - Piano;
Barry Kiener - Piano (Oleo only);
Nick Molfese - Bass;
Dolores Mancuso - Vocal (Broadway).


  • 1. Airegin (Sonny Rollins) 8:47
  • 2. Doxy (Sonny Rollins) (Moser -1st alto solo) 9:02
  • 3. There Will Never Be Another You (Harry Warren) 6:29
  • 4. Body and Soul (Johnny Green) 10:22
  • 5. I'll Remember April (Don Raye) 10:06
  • 6. Broadway (Woods/Bird/McCrae) (Dolores Mancuso - vocal) 10:03
  • 7. Oleo (Sonny Rollins ) (Brignola - 1st alto solo) 10:28


Recorded at The Rum Keg Lounge, Cortland, N.Y., June 3, 1979
Produced by Bill Burdick and Danny D'Imperio
Photos: Nancy D'Imperio;
Liner Notes: Danny D'Imperio


On June 3, 1979, Nick Brignola joined Danny D'Imperio's band to play at The Rum Keg Lounge in Cortland, NY. Armed with his baritone and alto sax, Nick came loaded for bear and taking no prisoners. His prey, local alto sax player, Frank Moser, who despite playing hundreds of paying gigs was still committed to his day job. This modern-day cutting session took place at the local Howard Johnsons' cocktail lounge converted by Bill Burdick into a jazz club, which often featured talent that played the regular jazz circuit, ie. The Dinkler, The Three Rivers Inn, The King of France Tavern, The Showboat Lounge, etc The band was a typical example of an atypical phenomenon, namely it was made up primarily of Italian-American Upstate New Yorkers, a community that has contributed a significant number of jazz musicians, including Sal Nistico, J.R. Monterose, the Mangione brothers, Joe Labarbera, Sam Noto, Don Menza, Frank Strazzeri, etc.

Nick Brignola's performances on this CD are something of a revelation. His high caliber playing inspires the band to new heights. Frank Moser rises to the occasion, giving as good as he is getting. Joining the band on the last track, "Oleo" is Rochester pianist Barry Keiner, who had great talent but a short life. He became one of Bill Burdick's favorite performers and was frequently booked into the Rum Keg Lounge with his trio. Also on hand for one track, was be-bop scat singer Dolores Mancuso, another Italian-American Upstate New Yorker from Utica, who acquits herself quite well on "Broadway."

It is always a wonderful surprise when great jazz comes out of nowhere. It makes you wish that you had been there on June 3, 1979, at The Rum Keg Lounge at Rte 13 and Interstate 81, in Cortland, NY!


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Other Sources for CD: City Hall Records

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