V.S.O.P. #122 CD DANNY D'IMPERIO and the BLOVIATORS: "ALCOHOL" 7 22937 01222 1 $11.00



  • Greg Gisbert, Andy Gravish, Chris Persad - trumpets;
  • John Mosca, Early Anderson - trombones;
  • Gary Pribek, Ralph Lalama, John Rohde, Joe Carello - saxophones;
  • Hod O'Brien - piano; Steve Brown - guitar; "QUEEG" - bass;
  • Danny D'Imperio - drums, leader.



  • 1. The Song Is You [tk. 1] (J. Kern/O. Hammerstein) 9:26
  • 2. It's Love (Mel Rhyne) 7:08
  • 3. Room 608 (H. Silver) 10:13
  • 4. Make It Good (D. Pearson) 7:00
  • 5. Ultimate Rejection [tk. 1] (J. Farrell) 7:10
  • 6. Portrait Of Stephanie (Hod O'Brien) 8:24
  • 7. Blue Bird (C. Parker) 5:39
  • 8. It's Magic (S. Cahn/J. Styne) 4:38
  • 9. Blue On Blue (J. Heath) 5:51
  • 10. Ultimate Rejection [tk. 2] (J. Farrell) 7:12


  • Total Time 72:40


  • Recorded at Red Rock Studios;
  • Engineer: Kent Heckman
  • Produced by Barbara Meade and Danny D'Imperio
  • Cover Design: Jere Haight; Photography: Snade.


This latest Danny D'Imperio CD is a tribute to Danny's avocation. As a member of a multitude of big bands, Danny traveled for years on the bus in the "juicer" section. This had a big impact. He wants that known. However, the music on this CD has very little specifically to do with this. It consists of recordings made during the early and mid-1990s from two sessions involving Danny's big band. This version of the big band included the usual suspects: Gary Pribek, Ralph Lalama, David Shapiro and Hod O'Brien, as well as members of Danny's upstate New York big band called the "Bloviators" such as Chris Persad, John Rohde and Joe Carello. In addition, The Village Vanguard Orchestra's Greg Gisbert, Andy Gravish and John Mosca, are featured along with guitarist Steve Brown and trombonist Early Anderson. Danny, leader of this motley crew, rounds out the cast of characters.

Danny has a peculiar habit. Six months of the year, from January 1 through June 30, he is absolutely sober. During that period of time, "the dry season", he is reserved and subdued, level-headed and generally quiet. The other half of the year, the "wet season" finds Danny in the opposite mode. During this time, he is obstreperous, impudent, argumentative, creative, interesting, and occasionally obnoxious!

The music on this CD was recorded during the wet season, during the months of September and October, but the CD was produced during the dry season, when Danny could better rely on his judgment. Strictly speaking, the charts are either the original orchestration or were penned by Steve Brown, (often as a collaborative effort with Danny) and are based upon the original recordings. There is some very fine playing and soloing throughout. Don't let the picture fool you, this is some first class music.


Download: itunes.apple.com/us/album/alcohol/id461171020


Other Sources for CD:  City Hall Records

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