V.S.O.P. #118 STEPHANIE NAKASIAN: THRUSH HOUR “A Study of the Great Ladies of Jazz”


Stephanie Nakasian (vocals), John Jensen (trombone), Hod O'Brien (piano), Howie Collins (rhythm guitar), Randy Sandke (trumpet), Steve Gilmore (bass), Tom Hamilton (tenor sax), Bill Goodwin (drums).


  • A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND (Eddie Green)  -  Bessie Smith 3:43
  • GUESS WHO'S IN TOWN (Johnson, Razaf)  - Ethel Waters 2:48
  • ROCKIN' CHAIR (Hoagy Carmichael) - Mildred Bailey 3:32
  • A HUNDRED YEARS FROM TODAY (Young, Washington) - Lee Wiley 3:46
  • IT DON'T MEAN A THING (Ellington, Mills) - Ivie Anderson 3:06
  • LULLABY OF THE LEAVES (Petkere, Young) - Connee Boswell 3:35
  • GOODY GOODY (Mercer, Malneck) - Helen Ward 2:24
  • ALL OF ME (Simons, Marks, Baker) - Billie Holiday 2:44
  • WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LOVE (Cole Portor) - Anita O' Day 2:40
  • MOMENTS LIKE THIS (Loesser, Lane) - Peggy Lee 3:35
  • TAKE THE 'A' TRAIN (Billy Strayhorn) - Betty Roche 2:40
  • MILLION DOLLAR SECRET (Humes, Taub) - Helen Humes 3:52
  • DAY DREAM (Latouche, Ellington, Strayhorn) - Sarah Vaughan 4:42
  • I CRIED FOR YOU (Freed, Arnheim, Lyman) - Carmen McRae 2:20
  • MAYBE (Billy Strayhorn) - Lena Horne 2:50
  • TO LATE NOW (Lerner, Lane) - Shirley Horn 4:28
  • PEEL ME A GRAPE (Dave Frishberg) - Blossom Dearie 2:38
  • BLUE GARDENIA (Russell, Lee) - Dinah Washington 4:41
  • STREET OF DREAMS (Lewis, Young) - Abbey Lincoln 3:58
  • ALL THAT JAZZ (Carter, Stillman) - Ella Fitzgerald 3:22


Stephanie Nakasian is an educator and published author of a jazz vocal training book for advanced students at the University level and for Masters Classes. Several years ago, she undertook to prepare a CD to assist students in grasping some of the specifics of her book. This CD has become quite popular far beyond the academic arena. Indeed, it may become her most in demand recording to date. It consists of twenty selections dedicated to expressing the style and manner of 20 acclaimed jazz vocalists. The artists selected include Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Mildred Bailey, Lee Wiley, Ivie Anderson, Connee Boswell, Helen Ward, Billie Holiday, Anita O’Day, Peggy Lee, Betty Roche, Helen Humes, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, Lena Horne, Shirley Horn, Dinah Washington, Abbey Lincoln and Ella Fitzgerald. The band backing up Stephanie includes Hod O’Brien on piano, Randy Sandke on trumpet, Tom Hamilton on tenor, John Jensen on trombone, Hovie Collins on rhythm guitar, Steve Gilmore on bass and Bill Goodwin on drums. The arrangements attempt to approximate the originals and were prepared by Hod O’Brien and Stephanie. The booklet contains descriptions of each selection with an explanation of some of the techniques used by each vocalist whose style is being interpreted. More than anything else, this CD further reveals the wide range of technique that Stephanie Nakasian is capable of. To a great extent, she captures the feeling and manner of each of the great vocalists that she has chosen to present. This CD is not simply of interest to voice students, but has great potential appeal for all fans of vocal jazz.


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