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VSOP 2154 CD PLAS JOHNSON: BOP ME DADDY 7 22937 21542 4 $11.00

V.S.O.P. 2154 CD Tampa 24


w/Plas Johnson (tenor sax) tracks 1-10, 12, 14-16,
unknown (probably Bumps Meyers) (bari sax) tracks 3, 5 & 6,
Ray Johnson (piano) tracks 1-10, 12, 14-16,
Duke Harris (bass) tracks 1-10, 12, 14-16,
George Jenkins (drums)tracks 2-6, 9-16,
Ed "Sharky" Hall (drums) tracks 1,7,8;
Ben Webster (tenor sax) and Willie Smith (alto), track 11;
Bumps Meyers (tenor), track 13;
Gerald Wiggins (piano), Herman Mitchell(guitar), Red Callender (bass) tracks 11 and 13.


  • 2. LAST CALL
  • 6. PLASMA
  • 7. JACKPOT
  • 8. RED CIDER
  • 9. CARAVAN
  • 10. GEE GEE
  • 12. RED JACKET
  • 14. LAST CALL
  • 15. HOT SPOT
  • 16. DRUM TATOO

    Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA in 1955, 1956 and 1957.
    Produced by Robert Scherman; Cover: Johnny Miller;
    Engineer: Thorne Nogar; Liner Photos: Plas Johnson

    Recorded in 1955, 1956 and 1957 for Robert Scherman’s Tampa Records record label, these two albums showcase the tenor work of Plas Johnson in the context of a small group. Plas Johnson is best known today for his work with Henry Mancini and the many Capitol Records sessions he participated in. Throughout his earlier career, he was also quite active with independents, appearing frequently on sessions led or contracted by Rene Hall, or Ernie Freeman. Ultimately, Plas became one of the members of the loose knit group of first call rock & roll session men known as the “Wrecking Crew”. This CD features the style of tenor playing that was primarily the domain of such players as Lee Allen, Al Sears, Hal Singer, Sam Taylor, Jimmy Wright, Sil Austin and many others.

    In addition to Plas Johnson, this CD also features the playing of Plas’s brother Ray Johnson, who shared leadership of the Johnson Brothers Combo with Plas, and George Jenkins, Lionel Hampton’s drummer for most of the 40’s. Half of this CD, “Drum Stuff” was originally recorded and released under George Jenkins’ leadership. While this album listed Plas Johnson as the only tenor sax featured, in actuality, he is absent on two of the selections, “Drum Boogie” and “Cottontail” which feature Bumps Meyers and Ben Webster respectively. The sessions were recorded during 1955. Most selections were composed by Plas Johnson. Plas enjoyed moderate hits with several of the selections, of which the most successful was probably “Last Call”, which charted in 1956. On “Bop Me Daddy”, drummer Sharky Hall performs on only three of the selections, although he is credited for all on the original album.

    While Plas Johnson has performed on so many recordings, his playing is familiar to all, this release showcases his playing and writing in the tenor sax blues tradition, of which he is one of the most accomplished players. Ray Johnson provides some great boogie woogie and jazz riffs, while George Jenkins' exuberant playing exemplifies his work with Lionel Hampton and later Charlie Barnet.

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               Other sources for this CD:  City Hall Records


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