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Jimmy Rowles (piano); Max Bennett (bass); Nick Martinis (drums); Chuck Berghofer (bass)*; Larry Bunker (drums)*.


*Chuck Berghofer (bass) and Larry Bunker (drums) perform on Track 4 "Our Delight", Track 5 "America The Beautiful", and Track 7 "Morning Star".

Max Bennett (bass) and Nick Martinis (drums) perform on all other selections.


Recorded in April, 1968 at The Carriage House, Burbank, CA.
Session Producer: George Jerman;
Production Coordinator: Bob Edmondson;
Mastering: Joe Sidore; Producer: V.S.O.P. RECORDS
Liner Notes: Gordon "Whitey" Mitchell;
Cover Photo: Stan Levey



  • You're Driving Me Crazy  (Walter Donaldson) 6:27
  • That Face (Bergman, Spence) 5:48
  • You Say You Care (Joe Stern, Leo Robbins) 6:25
  • Our Delight  (Tadd Dameron)* 9:41
  • America The Beautiful (Bates, Ward)* 4:42
  • Moon of Manakoora (Loesser, Newman) 3:57
  • Morning Star (Jimmy Rowles)* 4:06
  • That Old Feeling (Brown, Fain) 7:56
  • Lulu's Back In Town (Dubin, Warren) 3:43
  • Crises (Freddy Hubbard) 6:19
  • Love Letters (Victor Young) 5:26
  • Chess Players (Wayne Shorter) 1:17


In the late 1960's Jimmy Rowles worked regularly at NBC and other studios in Burbank, his home town. During breaks and after gigs, he spent his time playing at the Carriage House. The selections on this CD are taken from several different dates featuring two groups, one with Max Bennett and Nick Martinis, and the other with Chuck Berghofer and Larry Bunker. One of the most striking aspects of these recordings is the frequency with which one composition is interwoven into another and then resumed as the dominant theme. These recordings made by photographer George Jerman in 1968 capture this outstanding improviser in his favorite setting and doing what he liked best: performing with a live trio comprised of close friends who shared the same understanding of what was musically interesting and satisfying.


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    Other sources for this CD:  City Hall Records

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