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w/Billy Devroe and his Devilairs, Tony Allen & The Wonders, The Saxons, Plas Johnson, Lucy Campo, The Sparklers, The Twisters, Clint Stacey and the Ernie Freeman Band, The Flannels, The Jac-O-Lacs Recorded, between 1955 and 1967, at various studios in Hollywood.
All sessions produced by Robert Scherman.



  • My Love Is True (James Brown) ... The Saxons
  • Run Little Sheba (Scherman, Hodowud) ... The Twisters
  • Dungaree Hop (Plas Johnson) ... Plas Johnson
  • What A Way To Say Goodbye (Scherman, Hodowud) ... Lucy Campo
  • Thank You Baby (Hoffman. Blake) ... The Sparklers
  • Be My Love, Be My Love (T. Motola) ... Tony Allen
  • Coquette (Kahn, Lombardo, Green) ... Billy Devroe
  • Hey Rube (S. Johnson, A. Johnson) ... The Flannels
  • Blue Jean Shuffle (Plas Johnson) ... Plas Johnson
  • Trying (Robert Scherman) ... The Saxons
  • Cindy Lou (Robert Scherman) ... The Jac-O-Lacs
  • Dreamy Eyes (Hoffman. Blake) ... The Sparklers
  • Make It (Scherman, Herzon) ... Billy Devroe
  • Tell Me (Allen, Cobb, Hooten) ... Tony Allen
  • Sha-Ba-Da-Ba-Doo (Robert Scherman) ... The Jac-O-Lacs
  • Lookin' Out The Window (Robert Scherman) ... Lucy Campo
  • Plasma (Plas Johnson) ... Plas Johnson
  • This Old House (Robert Scherman) ... Clint Stacey
  • So Shy (Benny Ray) ... The Flannels
  • I'll Hang My Dreams On A Rainbow (Scherman, Hower) ... Lucy Campo


This compact disc is devoted to the rock & roll recordings produced by Robert Scherman, the founder of Tampa Records. Bob Scherman's career in music is fascinating and includes discovering Nat King Cole, Frankie Laine, Plas Johnson and Sandi Patti. He also has the distinction of having produced one of the earliest Rhythm & Blues hits, Wynonie Harris's "Good Rockin' Tonight" for King-Federal. These recordings include numerous rare and sought after vocal group, rockabilly and instrumental sides. This program includes the first CD release of the Plas Johnson 1955 hits on Tampa. Many of the guitar solos are by Howard Roberts. This CD is a must for all rock & roll enthusiasts and vocal group collectors.


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Other sources for this CD: City Hall Records


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