V.S.O.P. #110 CD STEPHANIE NAKASIAN: LULLABY IN RHYTHM 7 22937 11102 3 $13.00


Stephanie Nakasian (vocals), Harry Allen (tenor sax), John Jensen (trombone), Hod O'Brien (piano), Larry Eanet (piano)*, Steve Gilmore (bass), Chuck Riggs (drums).


  • Recorded at Warm Valley Studios, Washington, D.C., December 19-20, 2001.
  • Engineer: Louis Scherr. Mixing: Jim Anderson, Accoustic Recording, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Mastering: Alan Silverman, ARF Digital, N.Y., N.Y.
  • Session Producer: Stephanie Nakasian.
  • Cover Photos: Ray Avery, Janna Gadden;
  • Liner Photos: Jake Demejian, Janna Gadden, Ray Avery.
  • Liner Notes: Scott Yanow.
  • Cover Artwork and CD Layout: Mario Leveque, Plein La Vue, Montreal, Quebec
  • All Arrangements by Stephanie Nakasian and Hod O'Brien.



  • Come To The Party/I'll Take Romance (Greene) (Oakland, Hammerstein) 3:43*
  • Interlude (Rugolo, Russell) 4:52*
  • Lullaby In Rhythm (Hirsch, Goodman) 3:47
  • Lost In A Summer Night (Previn, Raskin) 4:09
  • Gone For The Day (Cooper, Russell) 4:23
  • The Night We Called It A Day (Dennis, Adair) 5:30*
  • It's A Pity To Say Goodnight (Billy Reid) 3:22
  • Midnight Sun (Burke, Hampton, Mercer) 6:40*
  • Kissin' Bug (Strayhorn, Stewart, Sherrill) 2:32*
  • Pete Kelly's Blues (Heindorf, Cahn) 3:45
  • This Time The Dream's On Me (Arlen, Mercer) 3:26
  • Lonely Woman (Carter, Sonin) 4:30*
  • I Told You I Love You Now Get Out (Carter, Ellis, Frigo) 4:31
  • Who Cares About April (Hanna, Levy) 4:17
  • Baby, Baby All The Time (Bobby Troup) 5:38
  • Something Cool (Billy Barnes) 3:26
  • I Want To Be Happy (Youmans, Caesar) 2:52


This third release by Stephanie Nakasian on V.S.O.P. RECORDS is a tribute to June Christy. The CD contains 17 selections and almost 74 minutes of recorded music. As with every other recording that Stephanie has made, the choice of material is impeccable. This is the first tribute to Stan Kenton's legendary vocalist, but probably not the last. The CD project was the direct upshot of a concert at Newport Beach in 1999, where Stephanie Nakasian was invited to perform the June Christy vocals with the Pete Rugolo Orchestra. After this memorable collaboration, Stephanie conceived of this recording and put together her band with all-star JAZZ musicians Hod O'Brien, Harry Allen, Steve Gilmore, and Chuck Rigg. The intent was not to imitate June Christy or the great Pete Rugolo charts, but rather to capture the essence and feel of June's interpretations as performed and recorded during her lifetime. Many lesser known selections are included. This is an excellent program, done very skillfully and intelligently. A very fine CD.


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