V.S.O.P. #106 CD Criteria 2 THE HERBIE BROCK TRIO: HERBIE'S ROOM 7 22937 01062 3 $11.00


Herbie Brock (piano), Brooks Caperton (bass); Bill Ladley (drums).


  • Recorded August, 1957 at "Herbie's Room", Miami, Florida.
  • Production and Technical Supervision: Mack Emerman.
  • Recording Engineer: Mack Emerman.
  • Mastering: Rudy Van Gelder
  • Original Liner Notes: Val Machen.
  • New Liner Notes: Jeff Barr.



  • Jim And Andy (Lou Stein) 3:35
  • Tenderly (Walter Gross) 5:30
  • Polka Dots And Moonbeams (J. Burke, J. Van Heusen) 5:00
  • My Funny Valentine (Rodgers, Hart) 10:30
  • Doxy (Sonny Rollins) 5:05
  • Laura (David Raskin) 4:45
  • Johnny Jaguaar (Lennie Niehaus) 4:10
  • A Foggy Day (G & I Gershwin) 5:25


    This is the second of several VSOP releases of Criteria recordings. Criteria was a small JAZZ label founded by Mack Emerman that showcased Miami JAZZ musicians of the late 1950's. All Criteria LPs are extremely rare and highly sought after. This recording by Herbie Brock's trio reveals that some great JAZZ was being played in and around Miami during the late 1950's. Herbie Brock is a blind piano virtuoso steeped in the tradition of Art Tatum and Teddy Wilson, but also influenced by Horace Silver and others, who melds a strong classical background with exciting and instinctively astute improvisational ideas. He recorded three albums during the late 1950's. Two very seasoned Miami pros, Bill Ladley and Bruce Caperton, help showcase Herbie's prodigious talent. While Herbie Brock has fallen into obscurity in recent years, this unfortunate situation should be remedied by the release of this very worthwhile CD. A great piano trio recording, showcasing a major underapreciated talent. Highly recommended.




                     Other Sources for CD: City Hall Records

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