V.S.O.P. #104 CD Criteria 5 THE MODERN JAZZ ORCHESTRA featuring Kenny Drew 7 22937 01042 5 $11.00

V.S.O.P. #104

Kenny Drew (piano), Bill Christ (bass); Bill Ladley (drums); Jim Lawrence (tuba); Loren Reichert (french horn); Lon Norman (trombone); Gene Goe (trumpet); John Georgini (trumpet); Duke Schuster (trumpet); Bill Robbins (trumpet); Gus Mas (saxophone); Billy Miller (saxophone); Berry Polger (saxophone); Jerry Brockman (saxophone); Jimmy Casals (saxophone); Kirby Campbell (saxophone).

All Arrangements by Don Vincent, except "Flamenco Sketches" which was arranged by Gene Goe.



  • Orchestra direction: Don Vincent, Joe Galovan and Bill Ladley.
  • Recorded in Miami, Fl, May, 1960 at Criteria Recording Co.
  • Engineering: Mack Emerman
  • Original Liner Notes: Pat O'Neil.
  • New Liner Notes: Jeff Barr.

    This is the first of several VSOP releases of Criteria recordings. Criteria was a small jazz label founded by Mack Emerman that showcased Miami jazz musicians of the late 1950's. All Criteria LPs are extremely rare and highly sought after. For the first release on CD we have selected the modern jazz Orchestra recording. Criteria was the brainchild of trumpeter/recording engineer Mack Emerman. His interest was recording jazz in Miami, which he termed "Gold Coast Jazz". The music on this CD is primarily written, orchestrated and directed by Don Vincent. Don who studied at Carnegie Mellon and under Nikolai Lapatnikoff later went on to lead the orchestra at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas and currently runs a recording studio in Los Angeles. The band is made up of Miami's all stars of the day. It is a fine jazz orchestra. Highly recommended.


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               Other Sources for CD:  City Hall Records

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