V.S.O.P. #102 CD HOWARD ROBERTS: THE MAGIC BAND II 7 22937 21022 1 $13.00


w/Howard Roberts (guitar); Dave Grusin (piano); Chuck Berghofer (bass); Tom Scott (tenor on track 6 and 7); John Gross (tenor on track 5); Pete Christlieb (tenor on track 6); John Guerin (drums).


  • On A Clear Day (Lerner, Lane) 9:32
  • One Note Samba (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 8:03
  • Alone Together (Dietz, Schwartz) 10:26
  • Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis) 5:55
  • Milestones (Miles Davis) 9:00
  • Giant Steps (John Coltrane) 11:25
  • Dolphin Dance (Herbie Hancock) 13:17


  • Recorded May 1968 at Donte's in North Hollywood, CA.
  • Session Producer: George Jerman;
  • Production Coordinator: Bob Edmondson
  • Mastering: Joe Sidore;
  • Producer: V.S.O.P. RECORDS;
  • Liner Notes: Whitey Mitchell;
  • Cover and Liner Photos: Gibson Instrument Company, Patty Roberts, Warren Sedberry

This is the second recording of Howard Roberts' late 1960's band recorded live at Donte's by photographer George Jerman. Like the first Magic Band recording, Howard's group consisted of a keyboard, bass and drums augmented by at least one horn on the last three tracks. For this set, the keyboard is pianist Dave Grusin, while the horn alternates between Tom Scott and John Gross, with the addition of Pete Christlieb on Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance". After having spent all day recording in the television studios, the musicians that formed this group would congregate at Donte's to unwind and play the kind of music they most enjoyed. Fortunately, George Jerman, encouraged by Howard, was on the spot with his Ampex 900 ready to record these moments for posterity. This session was recorded on two successive week-end nights, and is an excellent example of Howard Roberts' straight-ahead jazz playing at its best. The sound has been carefully restored by Joe Sidore and is impressive considering the setting and the equipment used. This recording is a must for all guitarists and appreciators of great jazz.


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