V.S.O.P. #126 CD THE LIGHTHOUSE ALL STARS plus TEN: JAZZ ROLLS ROYCE 7 22937 01262 7 $11.00

               JAZZ ROLLS ROYCE

The Lighthouse All Stars Plus Ten


featuring BOB COOPER, tenor; FRANK ROSOLINO, trombone; STU WILLIAMSON, trumpet;

VICTOR FELDMAN, piano, vibes; STAN LEVEY, drums; HOWARD RUMSEY, bass



PETE CANDOLI, Trumpet     GEORGE WERTH, Trumpet      HOYT BOHANNON, Trombone

AL PORCINO, Trumpet    MILT BERNHART, Trombone         MARSHALL CRAM, Bass Trombone

ED LEDDY, Trumpet        HARRY BETTS, Trombone   LARRY BUNKER, Tympany and Vibes




1. Strike Up the Band (Gershwin)  8:37  

2. Prelude to the Queen (Cooper) 4:36

3. The Clown's Dance (Cooper)  7:44 

4. Coop Salutes the "Co-op" (Cooper) 5:43

5. Bruinsville, My Bruinsville (Cooper) 8:52

6. Mambo del Quado (Cooper) 9:23

 total playing time  44:55

Engineering: John Hall

Producer: David Hubert

Cover Design: Leon McFadden

Cover Photo: Stan Levey

Liner Notes: Howard Rumsey, Bob Cooper

 Recorded October 28, 1957


This 1957 recording was commissioned for the 1957 UCLA Homecoming Show and Bob Cooper was called upon to compose and arrange the music to fit this occasion.  The writing called for not just the Lighthouse All Stars, but ten additional musicians in order to fill out the sextet into a regular big band, with a view of preserving the sound of the smaller group in a larger ensemble.   This is a remastered version. 


 In actuality, there are two recordings of Jazz Rolls Royce, a live recording that was supposed to have been used to make the album, and a re-recording made in the studio, with crowd noises edited in at the ends of various selections.  This release uses the studio version, which was what was used on the Omega release.   The program consists of the UCLA fight song "Strike Up the Band" and five other original compositions by Bob Cooper.  This recording is very much about the writing.  The compositions and arrangements are outstanding.   Like many other Omega releases, the intention behind this release included a demonstration of the then "new" stereophonic recording techniques and effects.   This is not as apparent on the LP due in part to the longish playing time of almost 45 minutes limiting goove width.   Four of the six tracks on this release, by virtue of the sources used and careful mastering, display the wide separation originally intended.  We hope that this is a fitting tribute to Howard Rumsey and the Lighthouse All Stars and expect that the listener will enjoy this recording perhaps as much as those who made it.

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