The Magnebit semi-automated regram system is a cost-effective PC-driven tool for measuring and adjusting the gram load of HGA's. The system is controlled using a WINDOWS 95 desktop PC with specially designed software that records the gram load readings and coordinates the motion-control system, allowing discrete user-defined determination for the entire regramming process. Suspensions can be regrammed to within +/- 0.1 gram tolerance. Regramming is totally damage free to suspensions. The system is configured for operator-load and unload, with excellent throughput.

  • The system employs a multi-axis controller driving 2 servo motors and one stepper motor.
  • The user defines the acceptable tolerance for the target gramload in the software.
  • When the HGA is loaded, the system measures the gram load, and the regrammer will make the required adjustment automatically and re-measure the gram load. This process will occur automatically up to three times per HGA, until the gram load is within the target range.
  • The software also collects data on all the parts that have been regrammed, including pass/fail information.

Modular in design, the regram system is mounted on a standard Magnebit gram load tester.



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