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Manufacturing and Automation Spare Parts

     Magnebit offers manufacturing companies several important ways to save money.  In these times of increasing raw material costs and decreasing margins, spare parts are a significant cost element and an area where savings are very welcome.  Magnebit offers new parts at significant discounts from list price, as well as almost new and rebuilt parts at even greater savings.

Plastic Injection Molding Equipment and Supplies

     Magnebit has some top quality plastic injection molding equipment and supplies available for purchase.  

Temperature Controllers and Thermolators

     Magnebit is offering it's top of the line temperature controllers and thermolators at a fraction of the cost of comparable temperature solutions. 

Molding Accessories  Sold

     Magnebit has some top quality molding accessories and spare parts available for purchase. 

Metal Stamping Equipment and Supplies

     Magnebit has outstanding metal stamping presses, accessories, dye, dye parts, degreasers, product handlers and spare parts, as well as some raw materials, all at very attractive prices.

Product Storage

     Magnebit is offering it's top of the line product storage system at a fraction of the cost of comparable storage solutions. 

Assembly Equipment

     Magnebit offers a large array of assembly line systems including conveyors, ultra-sound bonders, welders, glue stations, vibration sorters, automated vision systems, pick and place robots, microcontrollers,  CPUs, power cabinets, quick connect cabling, loaders, unloaders, and other components and sub-systems.

Printing and Packaging Equipment

     Magnebit is selling some very reliable printing and packaging equipment, at very competitive prices, including a large 100 part per minute 4 color Walter Kammann silkscreen press, boxers, baggers, cigarette wrappers, and shrinkwrap lines.  Also, Magnebit is selling two Lumonics Laserwriters.


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